Superintendent's Corner

Superintendent's Corner
Annette Castiglione

Dear Bellmawr Learning Community Member,

Welcome to the start of a new school year! I know countless hours have been spent this summer getting ready for this new school year. Many thanks for your time and talent and specifically, thank you to:

Glenn Cook and the entire Buildings/grounds staff: Kurt Vilary, Fred Moore, Martin Williams, Jesse Genzel, James Gross, Rita Ball, Tom Costello, Paul Kane, Doug Edwards, Mike DiCiano for their work to make the schools safe and welcoming environments for students;

Bill and Debbie from the Nutri Serve staff for preparing to feed the bodies of our students which, in turn, feeds their minds;

The administrative assistants for greeting parents throughout the summer and assisting them with their questions and concerns and preparing materials to go out to our students and their families;

Johnny Di Blasio, our technology specialist, who has been updating software, technology and Dana Litwornia who has been updating our websites to ensure a smooth start to back-to-school communication and that our learners are ready for innovation;

Mrs. Bartley and Mrs. Bickhart, who have worked to ensure schedules meet students’ needs;

Mrs. Specht and Mrs. Lang who have prepared a schedule that has allowed for the delivery of professional development that supports teachers’ and students’ academic and social emotional needs;

Mrs. Crane, Mrs. Mortka and Mrs. Christman, Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Slaughter who have ensured that the supplies that were ordered are logged and distributed accordingly.

Our new school nurses who have made sure health records are up to date, and supplies are stocked, to meet the physical and emotional needs of our students so academic learning can be maximized;

Teachers who have dedicated countless hours this summer to developing engaging lesson plans that bring the content to life, decorating their rooms to welcome their new students, and for hosting new students and returning students as they come for classroom visits and reassuring them they will be part of a school family;

The Central Office Team: Patrick Doyle, our business administrator, Eileen McMahon his assistant, Jane Siedzikowski our benefits specialist, and Barbara Marmarou, my assistant, who keeps the District on target and who has registered 80 new students this summer!

Our educational leaders for working collaboratively with each other to set goals for the upcoming year, and for continuing to push to find ways to meet your students’ needs in an ever-changing world through creative and innovative practices and especially

The members of our Board of Education: Jody Mangus, President, Danielle Tomeo, Vice-President,  Lisa Young, Juice Williams, Christopher Concannon, Patrick Murray, Eric Hoban, for supporting the work we do in our schools.

You are our superheroes!


Annette Castiglione, Superintendent