Ms. McCue


Ms. McCue
Food Services Director

My name is Debbie McCue I am the new Food service Director here at Bellmawr School District. I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little about the journey that has led me to Bellmawr.


A job in school food service has always felt second nature to me. With three very active boys, I was forced to become an expert at preparing healthy, fast and convenient meals that could power our family through the hours spent on the baseball fields.

This instinct served me well as I started as the cook at Oaklyn School District and was later promoted to kitchen manager. I spent a lot of time interacting with students on the serving line and watching them make their choices.


I quickly noticed that School Lunch and Breakfast programs are often the first opportunity students have to make choices in regards to their own health. It can be a very empowering and exciting time for students and an important part of growing into a healthy adult.


At Nutri-Serve we plan very balanced menus with all food groups meeting all USDA regulations. We focus on offering a variety of healthy choices and letting students make their own choice of what they would like to eat for lunch.

I was very excited to transition into the role as Food Service Director at Mt. Ephraim where I worked for four and a half years. I could now take a greater role in menu making and expand on the kitchen management and leadership skills I had developed as a kitchen manager at Oaklyn. I am very excited about this promotion to Bellmawr School District and I am really looking forward to working with the staff and meeting the students.


I encourage you to stop by and introduce yourself and tell me what you would like to see on the staff menu!

Looking forward to a great school year,

Debbie Mc Cue