Emergency School Closing Remote Student Schedules

Below are the November 30th - January 8th Emergency School Closing Remote Student Schedules. 
Individual teacher schedules can be found on your child's homeroom Google Classroom.

What is Small Group Instruction

The small group instruction allows for our teachers to check for understanding and reinforce skills presented in whole group, provide remediation for areas of growth, or provide differentiated activities.  Selection of small groups will consist of 3-5 students per group focusing on 2-3 groups per day. Not all students will be required to participate in small groups daily. Each teacher will provide a schedule for their parents when their child needs to participate.


Special Area Classes

All special area classes will be live. If a student cannot attend the live session the lesson will be posted for the student to complete.


Cohort Days

Cohort A is Monday/Wednesday

Cohort B is Tuesday/Thursday

Every other Friday will still continue to rotate every week.


Teacher Office Hours

Office Hours will be provided at the end of the day. Please contact your child’s teacher directly for specific times.